Zaghawa in Sudan

The Zaghawa are a semi-nomadic people group indigenous to Chad and Sudan. They refer to themselves as Beri, but the Arabs refer to them as Zaghawa. The Zaghawa ruled several kingdoms until the city of Kanem’s ruler rose to power in the Lake Chad region in the thirteenth century. Today, the Zaghawa maintain political influence and control in Chad but not in Sudan. The Zaghawa believe that they were founded by “Iru” the god of their ancestors. They usually believe that animals and nature are possessed by spirits. In the 1940’s many Zaghawa turned from animism to Islam, and today, 75 percent are Muslims while the remaining follow animistic practices.

 Engagement // What’s Happening Now

Of the eleven countries in East Africa, six of those nations have no teams or AG churches. Pray God sends workers and opens doors to bring the gospel to Muslims and Animists in Sudan.

To join in reaching the Zaghawa visit Live Dead.

 Sustainability // The Bigger Story

There is no translation of the Bible in Zaghawa. Pray God compels translators to work toward translating a Bible in their language so that the Word can be preached and learned in their own language.

 Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

  • Pray for the hearts of the Zaghawa that they will open to the message of the gospel.
  • Pray God reveals himself to them through visions and miracles.
  • East Africa has faced drought and other natural issues in recent years, pray doors open through compassion ministries to minister to the malnourished and impoverished people.

Interested in more opportunities? Visit the Wide Open website.


Joshua HuverZaghawa in Sudan