Xebero Jebero of Peru

The Jebero (Chebero, Xevero, Xebero, Shiwila) live in Peru. There are around 2,800 Xebero Jebero.* The Jebero people have gone through some rough times, as they were at one point down to under a thousand people, though now they are beginning to grow in numbers again. The Jebero language is known now only by the elders among them, as they mostly speak Quechua today.**

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Engagement — What’s Happening Now

The church has been growing in the Latin America and Caribbean region, with churches springing up in many countries. Many of the larger cities have churches with congregations in the thousands. Many believers also attend the smaller churches in the more remote villages and towns.

Sustainability — The Bigger Story

The Jebero live in a smaller community, but the Gospel is still beginning to reach them as well, as they are now around 1% Evangelical. The need for co-laborers in the harvest field is great.

If you are interested in helping reach the lost in Peru, click here.

Partnership — Move Beyond

Spend a few minutes praying for the following:

– Pray that the hearts of the Jebero will be opened to the Gospel

– Pray for a strong national church to arise out of the Jebero

– Pray for willing workers to go and spread the Gospel among the Jebero


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* = Joshua Project, 2015.

** = The Indians of Central and South America: An Ethnohistorical Dictionary.

Andrew ForsmanXebero Jebero of Peru