Urdu in Ireland

Urdu is the lingua franca of Pakistan and most Urdu speakers live in Pakistan, and northern states of India. Because Urdu is language, Urdu-speaking Muslims are not an ethnic group but rather a collection of ethnic groups. Urdu, then, find unity in their Islamic religion, Persian culture, the Urdu language, and Muslim supremacy ideology in northern India. Urdu people are not tied geologically to any location but can be found in an array of countries in all levels of society. There are approximately 7600 in Ireland, and there are over 117 million Urdu-speaking people around the world.

 Engagement // What’s Happening Now

According to a Global Initiative article, “Islam in Ireland: Finding a Home in Traditionally Catholic Country,” Muslims first immigrated to Ireland in the 1950’s as medical students. For the most part, the Irish are accepting of Muslims immigrants because of their own history as immigrants. Because of the accepting atmosphere in Ireland, it is a prime place for the church to build relationships with Muslim people. There are 26 AG churches and 4000 adherents in Ireland; pray God uses them to reach the Urdu Muslims.

To join in reaching Muslims visit AGWM Europe.

 Sustainability // The Bigger Story

Urdu people groups are found in 23 other countries including several European countries, such as Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and Norway. There are no known Christians among these people groups, pray the church will see the immense need to share the gospel with the Urdu

 Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

  • Pray for AG churches and ministers in Ireland, that relationships will be made between them and Urdu people.
  • Pray God moves in Urdu communities and reveals himself to them in miraculous ways.
  • Islam is a large part of their Urdu identity, pray for sensitivity and wisdom in reaching them.

Interested in more opportunities? Visit the Wide Open website.

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