Once the great Ottoman Empire, Turkey is the link between the Eastern and Western world. From 1299 to the early twentieth century, their empire stretched across Eurasia. Today, Turks can be found across the globe, but the majority live in Turkey, over 56 million. Turks are mostly Muslim; however, throughout their history, they have been tolerant of Christianity. Furthermore, their government is not based on Islamic law but Swiss and French legal systems. Relaxation and hospitality are two important values in their culture, so men regularly meet at coffee shops, and they readily show hospitality to strangers.

 Engagement // What’s Happening Now

Live Dead Speak shares stories through pictures and social media to motivate others to pray, go and give. A story of a global worker with a Turkish woman, Daisy, is highlighted on this platform. During this time, they are able to share a lengthy evening of tea, fellowship, and hospitality. Daisy is inquisitive and begins to ask about miracles and the Holy Spirit. Our global worker is able to explain her experience with dreams and the Holy Spirit which opens the door for further questions that begin to soften Daisy’s heart to hearing answers which are drawing her nearer to Jesus. The night culminates with a beautiful prayer over Daisy, that she may be able to experience God in a new way.

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Sustainability // The Bigger Story

In the article, “Fields Ripe for Harvest,” Ed Nye talks about a Muslim man named Farouk, who was from a nearby country, met a team in Turkey. The team offered to teach him about Christ, and he accepted. They met again with team members who were once Muslim, and they shared their stories of coming to faith. Farouk said he wanted to believe, so they prayed for him and he said he felt great joy. That night, he had a dream of a shining man to told him he was on the right path.

Central Eurasia is one of the least reached parts of the world, pray for teams in Central Eurasia, that God will use them to reach people like Farouk.

Visit Live Dead to join in reaching the Turks of Turkey.

 Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

  • Pray for Turkish women like Daisy who are hungry for answers to faith, that they may find answers and peace in Jesus.
  • Pray God calls more workers to serve Turks in Turkey.
  • Pray for Turks who have received Christ, that God would empower them with boldness and power to share the gospel with their family and friends.
  • Pray for opportunities and open doors to share the gospel in Turkey.

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