Turks in Europe

There are over 2.9 million Turks living in Europe, as most countries in Europe have a Turkish presence in them.* A predominantly Sunni Muslim people group, the Turks are familiar with both Eastern and Western cultures. They live a secularized, modern urban life with all the materialistic advantages and temptations that go with it.

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Engagement — What’s Happening Now

Though Europe has a strong Christian presence as a region, the Turks have a very low Christian presence among them. Worldwide, there is a very small percentage of Turks that have accepted the message of Christ, and in Europe, the story is no different. There are those witnessing among them, however. Here is a story of someone ministering in Germany:

“I took an evening course in elementary Turkish. My efforts to learn the language bore fruit at a recent street outreach in Freising.”

“One Turkish man looked on, started talking with someone from our group, and cried out, ‘Allah is great!’ The situation was becoming tense. I went over and greeted him in Turkish and spoke with him. He settled down and eventually took a Gospel of John printed in both Turkish and German. I spent the few days of the outreach passing out copies of John’s Gospel to other Turks. It is helpful being able to greet Turks in their language.”

Sustainability — The Bigger Story

Some German towns are making attempts to integrate Turks into society. Offering free German language classes is one way of meeting Turks’ felt needs. Inviting them to holiday celebrations is another way to build relationships and trust. These contacts provide openings to show Christ’s love and communicate the gospel.

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Partnership — Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

— A church to be planted among the Turks that will reach many Muslim people groups.

— The boldness of the Holy Spirit for the believers ministering among the Turkish people, that the Holy Spirit would equip them and empower them to share the gospel with authority and conviction.

— The leaders in the Turkish communities to be open to the message and spread of the gospel.


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* = Joshua Project, 2016.

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