Tai Dam of Laos

black-tai0001Tai Dam are a Black Tai people group who live along the upland valleys of Khammouan Province. They are known as Tai due to their tonal language of Tai Dem. The term Black Tai derives its name from the color of their women’s blouses. In the valleys, they grow wet rice through terrace planting and irrigation. Their society has a hierarchal structure with the
Chao Moung, prince, at the top then below him, the society is organized by age, occupation, wealth, and residence. The majority practice Buddhism and animism. They believe in many spirits; inanimate objects hold spirits, there are local spirits, and guardian spirits which are believed to align with their societal structure. They also worship their ancestors, because of their belief that spirits remain after they die and need to be cared for.

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • Pray for open doors for workers to come share the gospel with these people.
  • The Tai Dam have strong spiritual awareness; pray God reveals himself to them.
  • Pray for those who minister to the Tai Dam, that God would encourage and empower them as they spread His gospel.
  • Pray for programs, for street kid’s, English classes, language centers, and other ministries that seek to bring the gospel to those in Laos via compassion and education.

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Joshua HuverTai Dam of Laos