The Suffering Church Among the Unreached

Among unreached communities around the world, small pockets of believers are pushed to the margins of society. An important part of advocating for the unreached, then, involves advocating for suffering Christians whose witness is suppressed and whose lives are endangered.

AGWM Executive Director Greg Mundis offers a helpful reminder to those who are called to work to alleviate suffering:

“Christians have a natural sympathy toward people who are suffering, and we want to be rescuers. But that’s not our job. Sometimes God achieves great victories through the suffering of His people — transforming what the enemy meant for evil to accomplish His purposes for good.

“A challenge of our Fellowship is showing discernment by helping those who are suffering and helping them in their suffering. From a human perspective, I want to alleviate all the suffering I can. AGWM will actively and proactively work to help our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ. At the same time, we pray for God’s grand purposes to be fulfilled in their lives and for His strength, help and comfort to be evident in the process.”

Christian communities among the unreached, if they exist at all, are small and often marginalized. In these circumstances, the Church must exercise Spirit-inspired creativity to point suffering people in the direction of the only one capable of bringing comfort.

As we pray for our suffering brothers and sisters among the unreached, may we remember that, as Mundis says, “A right response to suffering is what distinguishes us as believers.”

Austin JacobsThe Suffering Church Among the Unreached