Southern Baloch in Oman

The economy for the Southern Baloch in Oman is one of farming and shepherding, with a wide range of crops and animals being raised. The honor code among the Baloch encourages them to show hospitality and mercy, to be honest, and to welcome strangers. The Baloch also preserve many of their beliefs through singing and poems.*

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Photo source: Ahsan Ali*

Engagement — What’s Happening Now

There are around 471 thousand Southern Baloch in Oman, with no known Christian presence among them.* The church has been planted in Oman, but there are still many who have never heard the Gospel.

Sustainability — The Bigger Story

Bold believers have planted the church in Oman, and are planning to extend further into Oman, as well as the neighboring countries. These believers need prayer for boldness and endurance, as well as the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Partnership — Move Beyond

– Pray for the government leaders in Oman to be receptive to the spreading of the Gospel.

– Pray for the believers working in Oman, that they will be empowered by the Holy Spirit and will communicate with boldness and effectiveness.

– Pray for the establishment of a strong national church in Oman.

– Pray for a strong network of intercessors and supporters for the believers in Oman.

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* = Joshua Project, 2015.


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