Soninke of Senegal

Photo Source: Joshua Project

Unlike many of their surrounding people groups, the Soninke have established permanent homes and towns. Soninke living in Senegal represent about one-tenth of the Soninke people group, with the balance of the population having either moved eastward into Mali along the Mali-Mauritania border or emigrated to France.

Many of the Soninke work in agriculture with the men cultivating the land and raising cattle and the women tending to gardens. The Soninke believe in polygyny and can marry up to four wives.

The majority of the Soninke are followers of Islam and believe in objects or animals being possessed by spirits.

 Engagement // What’s Happening Now

One worker among the Soninke coaches soccer and has built a youth center next to his house. The youth center sponsors indoor activities and provides a large room for ministry. As a result, the worker has built fruitful relationships with the local youth.

 Sustainability // The Bigger Story

“The challenge is great and urgent. We have many unreached people groups. We have places that have never been touched. Missionaries have come from English-speaking countries and have done a good work in Senegal, so countries shouldn’t limit themselves to thinking they can only work within their own language background. Many of the English-speaking countries can be a big help to the French-speaking ones” states the AG Superintendent of Senegal.

 Partnership // Move Beyond

Pray that those currently serving among the Soninke would shine the light of the gospel upon this unreached community in Senegal.

Pray that a church planting team would go and be a part of the work currently being done to reach the Soninke.

 Entrepreneurs: Visit AGWM Africa to learn about opportunities to reach the Soninke.

Readers, Writers, Speakers: Consider how your skillset might align with meeting urgent needs among the Soninke. Currently, they do not have a New Testament available in their language.

Problem Solvers: Commit to praying for the current efforts to reach this unreached people group.

Interested in more opportunities? Visit the Wide Open website.

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