Somali in the Netherlands

Of the nearly 3,000 Somali living in the Netherlands today, about 95% of the Somali in the Netherlands are Islamic, with no known Christian presence among them. The Somali are mostly represented in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya, but they are also present in Europe, including countries like the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands.*

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Engagement — What’s Happening Now

In February 2002 The Brotherhood of Pentecostal Assemblies and the Full Gospel Church merged to form the Assemblies of God of the Netherlands. Since then, the Gospel has been preached there, but there are still many unreached people in the Netherlands, such as the Somali who live there.

Sustainability — The Bigger Story

The Gospel is being spread in the Netherlands through the planting of churches by faithful workers.

If you are interested in joining the spread of the Gospel in the Netherlands, here is a list of ministry opportunities.

Partnership — Move Beyond

– Pray for those ministering the Gospel in the Netherlands to have boldness and effectiveness as the minister to those in need.

– Pray for God to open the hearts of the Somali to the message of the Gospel.

– Pray for willing servants who will carry the message of Christ to the Somali in the Netherlands.

– Pray for the building of a strong national church in the Netherlands.

Interested in more opportunities?


* = Joshua Project 2015

Andrew ForsmanSomali in the Netherlands