Shaikh in Nepal

The Shaikh are descendants of Arabs who came to Pakistan in 711 A.D. As Islam spread to other South Asian people groups, such as the Brahmins, Rajputs, and Khatris, many adopted the name. The Shaikh fall under five communities, three of them descend from Arab immigrants: Siddiks, Farukis, and Abbasi. Some Shaikh’s in India have heard the gospel, but there is minimal work being done in Nepal.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

In 2015, a devastating earth quake hit Nepal that displaced thousands. Furthermore, over 150 Nepali churches were damaged or destroyed. Eurasia Community is working to repair and send aid to rebuild the lost churches in Nepal. Pray that these churches would receive funding to rebuild and that their ministries would be a light to the hurting in Nepal. Learn more on their site:

Problem Solvers

Southern Asia Access is an initiative by Eurasia Community which focuses on bringing access to the gospel to the countries of Southern Asia. See how you can pray and get involved on their website:

Partnership // Move Beyond
  • Pray for churches in Nepal without a building, that God will provide opportunities for them to meet and minister to those in their community.
  • Pray for Shaikh people affected by the earthquake, that they would hear about the hope that is in Jesus.
  • Pray for workers to serve in Nepal and bring access to Shaikh communities.

To get involved, see the Eurasia Pipeline. Interested in more opportunities? See the Wide Open website.

Joshua HuverShaikh in Nepal