Roma in Bulgaria

Engagement — What’s Happening Now

The church plant among the Roma came from years of gaining trust and respect, but most importantly, it came with the power of the Holy Spirit. Examples of visible healing miracles are among these people. In one instance, a woman’s family was told she had hours to live, so they purchased a casket. However, a family member came to ask us to pray for her. The next day the woman came to church to meet Jesus, the One who healed her.  ­­– Worker in Bulgaria

Sustainability — The Bigger Story

Whitburn Pentecostal Church in West Lothian, Scotland, has partnered with Convoy of Hope to reach the Roma community of Kardjali, Bulgaria, located 50 km from the Greece/Turkey border. Through Convoy of Hope’s Adopt-a-Community initiative and Convoy of Hope Europe, the church has installed a water system, instituted a tutoring program for local children, and installed children’s playground equipment.

Partnership — Move Beyond

­­– Pray about how your church could become involved in furthering the spread of the gospel through the Adopt-a-Community program.

– Pray that the gospel will flourish among Muslim Roma who have been shown God’s love.

– Pray that victims of social exclusion would encounter Christ’s love and care in tangible ways.

– Pray that Muslim Roma who practice the occult would recognize Jesus as the source of healing and lasting peace.

Entrepreneurs: Involvement with the Adopt-a-Community program requires the partnering church to raise a budget. What are some creative ways that raise funds to touch Europe’s unreached?

Readers, Writers, Speakers: Some Roma in Bulgaria speak Bulgarian, while others speak the Roma language.

Problem Solvers: The Roma live on the margins of society and struggle to access the resources they need to survive. Many young Roma women are forced into prostitution. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you about how to creatively address these issues.

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