Readers, Writers, and Speakers


Believers who have gifts and interests in linguistics have an important part to play in bringing Christ to the unreached. In order to help the indigenous church flourish in its cultural context, local leaders and believers need to have God’s Word readily available.

Those who join in the task of translating, interpreting and verbally sharing the Scriptures for those with no access to the Bible in their language face difficult questions. The goal of those called to communicate God’s Word to unreached communities is to do so clearly and accurately.

As you consider partnering with AGWM to reach the unreached by providing the Scriptures in the languages of unreached communities, here are some things to consider:

About 209 million people do not have God’s Word in their language. The majority of current translation needs involve minority languages. Some of these languages have no written form.

In addition to translators, literacy workers are needed to develop teaching materials and train local people to conduct reading classes.  As a result of illiteracy, many people lack the skills they need to prosper in their cultural contexts. The work of translating and communicating the Scriptures not only brings Christ to the unreached, but also allows cycles of oppression to be broken.

As you pray for the unreached, ask God to guide those who have taken on the important challenge of communicating the written gospel to those with no access to the Scriptures.

Austin JacobsReaders, Writers, and Speakers