Qatari Arabs

Saudi Arabia contains many different Arab groups, one of which is the Qatar Arab. There are over 330,000 Arabs in Qatar, and the main religion in Qatar is Islam, with over 99% of the population practicing the Islamic faith.* Many Qatari Arabs are herders, and animals are an important part of their lifestyle.

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Engagement — What’s Happening Now

The majority of the Arabs in Qatar are Hanbalite (Wahhabite) Muslims.* Wahhabism is considered to be an ultraconservative branch of Islam, and they consider themselves to be the preservers of the “true” path of Islam. Due to the strictness of the faith in Qatar, anyone professing faith in Jesus Christ could face persecution in areas such as family, occupation, legacy, and even life. This can make it difficult to evangelize, but with God, all things are possible.

Join in the effort to reach the Qatari Arabs.

Sustainability – The Bigger Story

The church is being planted in Qatar, with plans to grow from Qatar to other neighboring countries. The church leaders need prayer for boldness and protection as they seek to proclaim the gospel to the Arabs in Qatar.

Partnership — Move Beyond

— Pray for the borders of Qatar to open to the Gospel.

— Pray for a moving of the Holy Spirit in Qatar.

— Pray for creative ways to reach greater numbers of locals with the gospel.

— Pray that God would lead workers to those who are open and spiritually hungry.

— Pray that the local church would be established.

— Pray that God would strategically send workers with access to locals and hearts for evangelism.

— Pray that these workers would share with boldness, that fear would be abolished in their lives, and that threats would not keep them from sharing their faith.

Entrepreneurs: Many Qatari Arabs lack access to adequate health care and living conditions. Pray about how the Spirit might be leading you to partner with others and be part of the solution.

Readers, Writers, Speakers: Qatari Arabs speak Arabiya, or Gulf Arab. This people group lacks access to a translation of the Bible in their language.

Problem Solvers: Pray that Qatari Arab believers would be able to withstand tests and persecution from their families and the government.

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* = Joshua Project, 2015

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