Persian in Italy

Mostly concentrated in Iran, the Persians have a world presence of over 40 million across 42 countries. They live in many other Middle Eastern countries, but have small pocket communities around the world. One of these small communities can be found in the small peninsular country of Italy.

Europe has increasingly become the hotspot of immigration, and it is projected by the mid-century to be pre-dominantly Muslim. One of these migrating communities is the Persian of Italy with a population of 7,300. The Persians are Shia Muslims of the Ithna Ashari branch, which is the largest branch of Shia Islam. This necessitates a steadfast loyalty to Islamic beliefs such as the five pillars of Islam.

persian of italy

Photo source: Joshua Project

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

The increase of migration into countries in Europe affords opportunities for the church to be a witness. The Fellowship of European International Churches has made it a priority to extend the love of God to immigrants and internationals.

There are many other organizations God is using to reach people like the Persians in Italy. These include Master’s Commissions, Media Ministries, and compassion ministries, such as Europe Convoy of Hope, all working to spread the gospel.


Sustainability // The Bigger Story

The Persians have a relatively small population in Italy, but have a large community across the globe. Our prayer is that all Persians, Europe and Eurasia alike, come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Despite the shift in location, the heart remains the same. Islam has created resistance to the acceptance of the gospel, but as God continues to make himself known to those who are hindered by religious restrictions, pray that their eyes would be open and hearts would soften to hear the message of Christ.

Pray for the church and the missionaries residing in Italy to be a light in a dark and broken world.

Pray also for the Persian Christians as God encourages them and strengthens them to be a witness and light to their brothers and sisters.

See link to get involved in partnering with Europe Missions:

Entrepreneurs: AG churches as well as other organizations are working to witness to the Muslim populations in Italy.
Readers, Writers, Speakers: There is a complete Bible in their language as well as the Jesus film.
Problem Solvers: The primary issue in reaching these people is the opposition to Christianity and the gospel. Our prayer is for the church to be an ambassador of love, so that a hardened heart may become open to the truth.

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