Palembang of Indonesia


Palembang is not only the name of a city but it is also the name of a people group. The Palembang predominantly live in the city of Palembang. Rivers are very important to the Palembang way of life; they sell boats, plant rice, bathe and share transportation along rivers. Many Palembang homes are designed in a pyramid shape on stilts raised above water to protect homes from the frequent floods. Palembang women believe “my home is my heaven” and primarily work at home while the husband is the provider. The Palembang believe in allowing their children to have a “free marriage” and they can choose whether they want to carry the mother or father’s family name. The Palembang are devout followers of Islam but still consult shamans for everyday matters. For example, if someone is ill or has lost an item of importance a shaman will usually be consulted.

 Engagement // What’s Happening Now

There are no known believers among the Palembang. Pray for signs and miracles through Jesus among the Palembang and for the light of Christ to penetrate the darkness.

  Sustainability // The Bigger Story

Global workers are needed to reach the Palembang. Jeff, the Asia Pacific director, says:

“My vision is to launch workers into the harvest as quickly as possible so that all people everywhere will hear the good news. The very nature of the missionary calling is going where no one has gone with the message people have not heard. There are many methods of sharing our faith, but nothing is better than true incarnational ministry, living among the people we are trying to reach.”

To join the efforts in reaching the Palembang visit: AP Spend Yourself.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Entrepreneurs: The name Palembang means “to wash the muddy river to find gold”, many thought hidden treasure would be found in the rivers near the city of Palembang yet the opposite remains true many are unemployed. How can you be used to add physical value to the life of the Palembang people while also drawing them to Christ and giving them eternal value?

Readers, Writers, Speakers: The Palembang speak Musi, a Malay dialect. Currently, a Bible does not exist in Musi. Would you be willing to live among the Palembang and learn the language to translate the Word of God in Musi?

Problem Solvers: New techniques in rice cultivation are needed among those who live along the river. Advances in technology that regulate the amount of water drainage from rice fields during rainy seasons would allow the Palembang to harvest rice more than once per year.

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