Ocaina in Peru

The Ocaina are from the Loreto region of Peru, along the Ampuyacu, Putumayo, and Yaguasyacu rivers. They live along the borders of Peru and Colombia, and there are only 200 known Ocaina speakers. Joshua Project rates them as superficially reached meaning though they have had exposure to Christianity, it is often syncretized and there are less than 2 percent evangelical.  

Problem Solvers

The Ocaina do not have a Bible in their language. Wycliffe Bible Translators states, “When God speaks to you for the first time in a language you understand, you’re never the same. People groups all over Peru are experiencing that firsthand.” As they work with local people to create a Bible in their native language, pray their lives are changed through hearing God’s Word.

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • Pray for LAC World Missions as they work with the national church to reach unreached tribes in the Amazon.
  • Pray for a Bible translation in Ocaina in order to share the gospel and disciple Ocaina believers.
  • Pray churches are planted to provide proper discipleship and meet the issue of syncretism.

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Joshua HuverOcaina in Peru