Moroccan Arabs

Originating in the Arabian Desert,  Moroccan Arabs now live in the fertile north and west regions of Morocco. Almost entirely Sunni Muslim, they exceed 23 million in population. They are part of the Arab, Maghreb people cluster, which spread across 11 countries.  Moroccan Arabs have a strong affinity for their relationship with Islam with their upper-class asserting direct descendant from Mohammad.

As urbanization continues Moroccan Arabs predominantly inhabit the slums and rural towns outside these cities. Many are workers of the land who hold to traditional social and religious customs.

 Engagement // What’s Happening Now

There are considerably few Christians due to the level of devotion to Islam.

Though the movement of the Gospel is restrained, God has no limits. In 1991, a boy named Hassan was a devote follower of Islam. One day while praying at a local mosque, he heard a voice saying, “this is not the right way.” This happened a second time later in the day. He had no idea where the voice was coming from. Later, he walked into his brother’s room and found a Gospel of Matthew. By the time he reached Matt 24, he gave his life to Christ.

God will make a way. Pray that God would do miraculous works, such as these, in order that more Moroccan Arabs can come to know the name of Jesus. Pray that the church will begin to grow and flourish in their area.

To join in reaching Moroccan Arabs visit Live Dead.

 Sustainability // The Bigger Story

Moroccan Arabs spread across 21 countries including Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Pray for all Moroccan Arabs would respond to God’s moving in their communities. Pray that churches in countries where Christian presence is flourishing would reach out to the Moroccan Arabs.

 Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

  • Pray for God’s spirit to move among the Moroccan Arabs.
  • Pray that God would empower and encourage the few Christians in their communities.
  • Pray that God would call and send believers to minister to the Moroccan Arabs.
  • There are Bible translations in their language, as well as a Jesus film, audio recording, and ability to Radio broadcast. Pray that the Christians there may be equipped with these tools to reach more people.
  • There is hope to reach Moroccan Arabs, but there are obstacles to this mission. Pray that the communities would have an open heart and mind to hear the Gospel. Pray that God would send caring Christians to help alleviate poverty and share the love of Christ.

Interested in more opportunities? Visit the Wide Open website.

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