Mongol, Khalka in the Czech Republic



The Mongol, Khalka are originally from Mongolia. The name Khalka means “shield’ In Mongolian, the region in northern Mongolia where they originated from is also known as the shield. A missionary described the Mongol, Khalka people as generous, honest and easily approached. The Mongol, Khalka keep detailed records of their genealogy to prove that they are descendants of Ghengis Khan. The Mongols celebrate Nadam each year which is a large festival where many Mongols join them for horse racing, wrestling, and other games.  

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

There are very few believers among the Mongol, Khalka in the Czech Republic. Pray for the few believers that they may be burdened to share the gospel in their communities.

 Sustainability // The Bigger Story

There are a few known Christians among the Khalka in China. Prior to 1949 the Catholic Church claimed many converts (mostly Han Chinese) in Inner Mongolia, but one critic observed that “very often the incentive held out to the heathen is an economic one. The converts are invited to live on the land, each family is given an ox, a plow, a small field and sufficient seed.” Portions of the Bible were first translated into Khalka in the early twentieth century, but the script used is now obsolete. Early missionary work was slow and difficult. “Looking back on our work in Mongolia it seems dark, having borne little fruit, but I lift my eyes upward to Him who can look deeper and farther than we can look and does not judge simply by the outward appearance as we do. We believe there will be some saved souls from Mongolia in the great blood-washed multitude before the throne of the Redeemer.” **

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

  • Pray for health and well-being of Khalka immigrants in the Czech Republic.
  • Pray that they would encounter a bold and relevant Christian witness from believers who show Spirit-inspired hospitality.
  • Pray for missionaries who are training new believers in the Czech Republic to build relationships with outsiders and share the gospel with them.


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  **from Joshua Project

Austin JacobsMongol, Khalka in the Czech Republic