The Mandinka are a West African tribe that is part of a larger group of Manding-speaking peoples. Almost 11 million Manding speakers live in West Africa. The Mandinka are located mainly in Senegal and Benin, but they can also be found in The Gambia, Ghana and Guinea-Bissau.

A few Mandinka have given their hearts to Christ. Most of them have faced persecution, and many of them have been disinherited and rejected by their families.

Engagement — What’s Happening Now

No Christian workers currently minister among the Mandinka. Join in and help write a new story.

Partnership — Move Beyond

­— More than 99 percent of the Mandinka follow the Muslim religion, and fewer than 10,000 of the more than 1.7 million Mandinka are evangelical Christians. Pray that the gospel would break through to these people who have had little or no opportunity to hear the name of Jesus.

­— For the Mandinka, to become a Christian is to become a traitor. Pray for courage, love, grace and peace among those who have turned to Christ in this unreached community.

Entrepreneurs: Consider partnering with AGWM to begin a work among the Mandinka as a way to provide a proclamation of the gospel in their context.

Readers, Writers, Speakers: Although most Mandinka do not know Arabic, they often memorize long portions of the Koran and recite them over and over. They believe that power is not gained through understanding but through recitation.

Problem Solvers: While education and literacy is minimal, the Mandinka have a long tradition of oral history preserved through stories, songs and proverbs. Prayerfully consider how you or your church might partner with AGWM to creatively reach the Mandinka.

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