Malay in Asia Pacific

There are nearly 7 million Malay. The Malay are very proud of their culture and heritage. The Malay host Kenduri (party) for their communities with everyone helping with food and other preparations. Extended Malay families usually live in close proximity to assist each other. The Malay highly value family and community, they are very dependent on one another. According to the Malaysian federal constitution, to be considered Malay, they must speak their national language, practice their customs, and follow Islam. Underlying their religion are pre-Islamic beliefs, such as traces of animism and Hinduism. For instance, in times of trouble or need, many Malay will turn to a bomoh (or witch doctor).

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

Asia Pacific Media exists to have a social media presence which draws the never reached to Christ. Through Asia Pacific Media people are able to watch stories of hope in their native language. Pray that these efforts may reach the Malay and that many may come to know Jesus.

 Sustainability // The Bigger Story

The Assemblies of God has a growing presence in Asia Pacific with over 50,000 adherents and 620 churches. However, in comparison to the Malay population, it is a small number, and many have yet to hear the gospel. Pray the church will continue to flourish and grow exponentially so the gospel will spread to all regions of Malaysia.

To join in reaching the Malay visit Asia Pacific Missions.

 Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

  • Pray for more workers to join in reaching the Malay.
  • Pray for Christian resources in the Malay language.
  • Pray that believers in Asia Pacific may be emboldened to share the gospel.
  • Pray for Malay, who are devout Muslims. That they will have open hearts to the message of the gospel and will put their faith in Jesus.

Interested in more opportunities? Visit the Wide Open website.

Joshua HuverMalay in Asia Pacific