Kurmanji Kurds in Northwest Europe

There are over 800 thousand Kurmanji Kurds in Northwest Europe. The Kurmanji Kurds have less than a 0.5% evangelical presence among them. Kurmanji Kurds have a deep sense of tradition and there is a great emphasis on family values and community. Kurmanji Kurds were known as farmers and cared for animals for many years but recently there has been a large shift to migrate to cities in order to find better job opportunities.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

Muslims around the world and in Europe have had access to the gospel and God has been drawing them near through dreams and visions. Hasan* a Muslim man in Europe is a perfect example. Hasan had nine dreams within nine months which spoke to him about salvation through Jesus. God is drawing many near to him just like he did with Hasan.

Pray for God to reveal himself to Kurmanji Kurds in Europe through dreams and visions and that people like Hasan* may be strengthened to share the gospel.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

Europe is a melting pot of diversity and people from many cultures and ethnicities now comprise the makeup of Europe. Europe is considered a door to the world due to the many freedoms which people have in Europe. Many countries in Europe have a national church who are already partnering with overseas workers to minister to the many minorities who make up Europe, including the Kurmanji Kurds.

Pray for unity among the national churches and overseas workers who are trying to engage the Kurmanji Kurds with the message of salvation.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

  • The Holy Spirit to embolden and empower the believers in Europe to minister among the various people groups living among them.
  • The community leaders among the Kurmanji Kurds to be open to the message and spread of the gospel.
  • The establishment of a strong national church among the Kurmanji Kurds.

Entrepreneurs: How can God use your skills or education to reach creatively reach the Kurmanji Kurds?

Readers, Writers, Speakers: Many of the Kurmanji in Europe live in areas where there is access to the gospel yet their traditions maintain them strongly rooted in Islam. Could your speaking or relational skills be used to build bridges with the Kurmanji Kurds and share the message of hope?

Problem Solvers: How can cultural boundaries be carefully crossed to engage the Kurmanji Kurds with the gospel?

Interested in being a part of reaching the Kurmanji Kurds? Visit the Europe pipeline website.

Andrew ForsmanKurmanji Kurds in Northwest Europe