Kurd, Kurmanji in Eurasia Northwest

Kurdish people number over 15 million people and live throughout different countries in Eurasia. In Eurasia Northwest, there are over 2,200 Kurds. About half of the Kurds in Eurasia Northwest live in cities while the rest still earn their livelihood through farming. The Kurds are very nationalistic and hold strongly to their identity as Kurdish people. The majority of them are devout followers of Islam.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

Currently, there are various projects underway to reach Kurdish people in Eurasia Northwest. Biblical training for current believers and community improvements are two key strategies that are being implemented.

To see how you can be a part of these projects visit Eurasia Northwest.

 Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

  • Pray for more workers to join in reaching Kurdish people in Eurasia Northwest.
  • Pray for the national church to become burdened in reaching their Kurdish neighbors.
  • Pray for the hearts of the Kurdish people to be softened and receptive to the message of the gospel.

Interested in more opportunities? Visit the Wide Open website.

bfriesenKurd, Kurmanji in Eurasia Northwest