Kumhar (Hindu traditions) of India

There are over 15.3 million Kumhar throughout India. “Kumhar” means potter in their native language but it is also the name of a caste in Hindu traditions. According to Hindu mythology, they believe that they are the descendants of Lord Prajapati – the creator of the universe. Kumhar people claim to have invented the wheel and usually work in making earthen products. They Kumhar are known to be very hospitable and hard working. They are very devout followers and worshipers of Lord Shiva. The majority of Kumhar people are Hindu.

Engagement  // What’s Happening Now

The number of believers among the Kumhar is currently unknown. Prayer is key to reaching the Kumhar people of India. The Common Table seeks to connect believers to prayer and knowledge as they invite everyone to the table. The Common Table shares stories and cultural snippets from India and global workers who are actively engaging unreached people in India.

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Sustainability // The Bigger Story

Approximately 1.2 million Kumhar live in Bihar. Chad and Angela served in Bihar to plant churches among unreached people groups. Though churches were planted, the work of training remained. In January 2014, the Bihar AG Bible School opened. Their goal is to train 500 leaders and plant 500 house churches by 2020. Pray that through the emergence of churches and new leaders in Bihar, many Kumhar will be ministered too.

 Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

  • Pray God will lead the ministers trained at Bihar AG Bible School to serve the Kumhar.
  • Pray more Bible schools will open across the country for the same task.
  • Pray God will call and provide a way for more workers to reach the Kumhar.
  • Pray for the hearts of the Kumhar as they hear the message of the gospel, that they will be softened and receptive.
  • Pray for the AG churches in India, that their ministry will extend to the Kumhar.

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bfriesenKumhar (Hindu traditions) of India