Japanese in France

Photo Source: Joshua Project

Japanese first began coming to France in the 1870s, but more so after the end of World War II. They initially settled in France in small numbers, and now some French even live in Japan. Japanese people are generally prosperous, many earning a decent living, and almost all are educated. Elements of Japanese culture are notably found in Paris, where sushi bars and Japanese restaurants are commonly found. Shinto, Buddhism, and Confucianism are traditional Japanese beliefs. Shinto is the indigenous pre-Buddhism religious belief concerned with man’s relationship to nature. It involves prayers to gods for health, crops, children, and safety. Shinto accounts for issues of the physical world, while Buddhism introduced them to the ethical and moral world. Christianity was outlawed in Japan for over a century and few Japanese know about the gospel.

Partnership // Move Beyond

• Pray for the church in France, that teams will plant churches to minister to Japanese communities.
• Pray for ministers who will bring a contextual message for the Japanese Buddhists.
• There is a strong materialist ideology among the Japanese, pray that they will recognize the need for Jesus as their Savior.
• Pray for creativity and God’s leading as missionaries and churches seek to reach them.

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