Italians in Egypt

Photo Source: Joshua Project

Known for their art, coffee, and exquisite cuisine, Italians represent an ancient culture whose influence significantly impacts Western society. The Romans named the Italian Peninsula Italia which referred to both the people and the country of Southern Italy. Italy eventually became the center of the Catholic Church. Over 90 percent of Italians are Catholic, but less than 1 percent attend church regularly.* They are an often overlooked people group because of their strong affiliation with Christianity; however, secularism, Islam, and other religions are on the rise in Italian communities. The relationship between Italy and Egypt dates back centuries. Approximately 94,000 Italians live in Egypt.

Partnership // Move Beyond

  • On paper, most Italians are Christian, but many do not follow Christ. Pray the need will be seen by church planters and evangelists to reach the Italian people both in Italy and in countries like Egypt.
  • Pray for protection and blessing over the Christian Italians in Egypt, that God will grow their ministries and use them to reach other Italians.
  • Pray for revival in the lives of Italians and Italian churches.

To get involved, visit the Eurasia Pipeline. Interested in more opportunities? See the Wide Open website.

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Joshua HuverItalians in Egypt