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Builders International provides missionaries and national churches with the expertise and resources required to plan, implement and build construction projects worldwide. Builders International strives to be innovative and effective in its impact on building projects around the globe.


The projects Builders International helps build are driven by the field’s need in alignment with AGWM’s goals. One of the factors used to determine priority projects is whether the project reaches out to unreached people groups. Builders International is working on a project in Bangladesh as well as working with Jacob’s Hope in Israel.

The facilities built by Builders International are used to train ministers and missionaries from national AG fellowships. These facilities play a role in helping to carry the gospel to all nations and establishing the church among unreached people groups.

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CompassionLink is made up of five ministry teams:

Community Health Evangelism
HisAbility International
Pastoral Care International
Sustain Hope

Community Health Evangelism is a Christ-centered approach to health and development that has been implemented in more than 30 countries. AGWM recognizes it as an effective strategy for church growth and improving the health of communities.

HealthCare Ministries is known as the international health outreach of AGWM, sending teams of volunteer medical personnel on short-term assignments. Depending on the need in the destination community, the team will provide one-on-one patient-provider interaction, prevention education, health education seminars, and doctor-to-doctor medical seminars.

HisAbility International focuses on ministry to persons with disabilities. Its aim is to raise awareness in churches worldwide of the abilities and needs of the locally disabled and offering tools and training to engage with and minister to them.

Pastoral Care International focuses on counseling, training and prevention for the emotional issues faced by church and community leaders and other survivors of natural and man-made disasters. Seminars are designed around the need of the church or community, focused on topics like grief recovery, PTSD, abuse, depression, conflict, self-esteem, marriage and family, and burnout. The seminars are also designed to be catalysts for outreach and evangelism within an affected community.

Sustain Hope seeks to improve lives through community-initiated, sustainable solotions that utilize local resources in areas of agriculture, water, sanitation, and alternative fuels, using a Christ-centered, best-practice approach. The Sustain Hope team provides on-field consultations and training in all of these areas.

As a specialized ministry of Assemblies of God World Missions, Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples works collaboratively with each of AGWM’s six unique regions to reach Muslims in their contexts.

Below is a statistical breakdown showing the presence of Muslims in each of the six AGWM regions and the breadth of opportunity that exists for Global Initiative to reach them: *


Global Initiative forms strategic partnerships with national leaders and workers in the U.S. and abroad to empower them for effective, progressive mission.

Dr. Mark Hausfeld, international director of Global Initiative, sums up the ministry’s all-encompassing mission: “From our American neighborhoods to the ends of the earth, we reach Muslims everywhere.”

Global Initiative engages in the mission to equip and mobilize the Church through:

– an intercessory prayer fellowship comprised of tens of thousands of believers around the world,

– training national church planting teams in 30 locations worldwide through Institutes of Islamic Studies and Muslim Evangelism Training Seminars,

– funding church planting movements among Muslim peoples around the globe,

– initial training of AGWM missionaries to Muslim peoples at the Summer Institute of Islamic Studies,

– Muslim awareness seminars for the local church in the U.S. to engage and reach Muslims in their communities,

– research about Muslim Unreached People Groups concerning venues of value for long-term AG and national missionaries,

– resourcing Christian women to intentionally invest in Muslim women, and

– assisting young adults to engage Muslim peoples where they live and to create vision for their own ministry to Muslims.

You can join the intercessory movement, read the blog, and learn more about getting involved with Global Initiative here.

*People group and population statistics c/o in combination with AGWM-defined regions.

Global University (GU) reaches out to people groups living in more than 150 countries of the world. This includes numbers of unreached people groups. The primary way GU reaches UPGs is through evangelism literature distribution, student outreach, and the website. Although certain UPGs may live beyond the reach of Western expatriate missionaries, they are not completely inaccessible. Printed tracts and literature can carry the good news of Jesus Christ into strongholds of spiritual darkness. The Internet easily penetrates physical barriers and provides access to the message of salvation. GU students often have access to places thought of as “closed” to traditional missionaries.

Global Univ1

GU works with missionaries and nationals in many countries where UPGs exist, including Russia, China, India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Japan and Cambodia. GU courses have been translated into numerous languages, including Hindi, Urdu, Pashto, Farsi and Arabic. Below are two UPGs in India that can be reached through Global University.

The Kurmi of India

The vast majority of Kurmi are Hindus, although a small number of Buddhists and Jains are scattered among them. They are actually descendants of some of the earliest Aryan immigrants to India and have fairly light-colored skin. Found in all parts of India, the Kurmi form one of the lower castes due to their work in agriculture. In recent years, however, many modern Kurmi have become prosperous and educated.

Although the Jesus film, an online audio New Testament, and the entire Bible exist in the Hindi language, the more than 17 million known Kurmi remain virtually unreached. Many of Global University’s evangelism courses, eight Christian Life courses, 18 Christian Service courses, and seven undergraduate courses are available in Hindi.

The Chamar of India

India is home to certain outcast groups, called “Jati,” which do not qualify to be part of the well-known varnas (castes) in Hinduism. Chamars are one of the many outcast Jatis.

The Chamars make up 5 percent of India’s more than 1 billion population, but only 1 percent of Charmars have accepted Christianity. They live in the northern, central and western Indian states and speak the language of the states in which they live.

The foreignness of the gospel remains the primary reason for the struggle of Christian missions in India, but even the socioeconomic stratification within Indian Christianity has created barriers to reaching Chamars. However, Global University is changing the dynamics of missions in India by training lay believers of all classes and castes through courses indigenously translated into local languages. This process ensures that the responsibility to reach India primarily rests upon Indian believers. The recently launched India College of Ministry is poised to facilitate a movement driven by lay Christians and offer a unique opportunity to overcome caste barriers to reach the Chamars, among others, for Christ.

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Jacob’s Hope is working around the world to bring hope to Jewish people, the “children of Jacob,” by offering them humanitarian and medical aid, and sharing the good news of the Messiah. The Jewish people are coming to faith in their Messiah, Y’shua, in large numbers. Through Jacob’s Hope, the Assemblies of God is blazing trails in Jewish outreach.

The focus of Jacob’s Hope is on reaching unreached Jewish people around the world. An estimated 16 million Jewish people live scattered around the globe. Some estimates show that as many as 95 percent of them have never heard a culturally relevant, contextually correct presentation of the gospel. The nation of Israel is approximately 99.8 percent unreached.

Jacobs Hope

In order to connect with these unreached peoples, believers with Jacob’s Hope distribute food and clothing; clean and paint houses for the elderly; help the Jewish community by cleaning cemeteries; clean and repair community centers; and conduct health clinics, seminars and outreaches. They work among unreached people groups in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Hungary and Israel, primarily focusing on the Russian- and Hebrew-speaking Jewish people.

Jacob’s Hope works to become part of the community and bring hope and dignity to the Jewish people. Its leaders hold training sessions with Messianic Jewish leadership in order to train them to reach UPGs.

For more information on Jacob’s Hope and to see how they are ministering throughout the world, please visit their website at

The primary focus of LIFE Publishers International is to equip believers around the world to preach, reach, teach and expand. This is done through providing a variety of materials to train pastors and evangelists and teaching children. The primary tool LIFE Publishers produces is the Fire Bible®, the most comprehensive and widely distributed study Bible in the world. The Fire Bible® is now in print in 40 language editions with another 32 in development.

The passion for evangelism and reaching unreached people groups burns brightly in the hearts of local believers across the globe. Quite often, our role as Western missionaries and missions organizations is to enable and equip these brothers and sisters to exponentially multiply their effectiveness. Unreached people groups are often unreached because Western missionaries have extremely limited or no access to them. However, local believers can penetrate the barriers of national borders, communication challenges, and cultural differences with little difficulty. As we, the Western church, enable and equip these national churches to fulfill their Great Commission mandate, we are effectively fulfilling our own. These ten Bible language editions have the potential of reaching 2,119 unreached people groups:


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Network211 is a world missionary outreach focused on global evangelism and discipleship via the Internet. Its target audience is the more than 2.2 billion people who use the Internet worldwide.


Whenever people from unreached people groups use the Internet, Network 211 has the opportunity to reach them with the gospel. More than 2.6 million people living in the 10/40 Window have viewed the ministry’s evangelism sites. These sites are available in the top 10 languages of the Internet, which makes them accessible to the unreached who speak those languages.

By using the Internet, Network211 is able to access the inaccessible. People living in locations where U.S. missionaries cannot serve openly can now hear the gospel and be trained through Global University Christian Life and Christian Service courses that are available online.

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The Oral Learners Initiative has a thirty year history of reaching out to oral learners around the world using various innovative means to spread the Gospel and make disciples.


Some people are just born oral learners.  This is the way they are wired. There are people who are college educated but when they need to learn how to do something they prefer to ask someone and be “told how to do it” rather than finding a book and “reading how to do it.”

The Oral Learners Initiative brings the Word of God to those who hear, but may not otherwise learn about the Gospel.

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The Royal Rangers International ministry provides exciting opportunities for boys and girls, in co-educational nations, to discover a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Its ministry methods are accomplished through indoor and outdoor activities including camping, first aid, crafts, nature study, sports achievements, Bible study and much more.

Royal Rangers is passionate to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men & women and lifelong servant leaders!

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The outreaches of International Ministries share one focus: assisting missionaries and national fellowships worldwide.

International Ministries is made up of strategic outreaches that focus on meeting specific needs for missionaries and national fellowships worldwide. Missionaries serving with International Ministries are uniquely skilled in creating and providing materials and means that help resident missionaries in their outreach efforts. Using printed resources, one-on-one training, construction expertise or medical assistance, International Ministries is helping to fulfill the mission of Assemblies of God World Missions by reaching the lost, planting churches, training disciples and serving people in need around the world.

By offering specific skills, missionaries with International Ministries help make witnessing and discipleship more effective, which can help open doors for the church. Their specific abilities are particularly useful in restricted-access areas where nontraditional outreaches and offerings are needed.

The tools used by missionaries with International Ministries range from computers to concrete mixers to stethoscopes. Their methods of ministry may not be typical, but their goal is the same: reaching the lost with the love of Christ. Called by God and gifted with unique skills, they work to provide what is needed to open doors for the gospel.





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