Gypsy, Domari in Egypt

photo source: Joshua Project

The Domari Gypsies originated from India where they were known for being musicians, entertainers, and metal workers. These southern Middle Eastern Gypsies are known as Domari, whereas, the northern European Gypsies are known as Romani.

The Domari value justice, fidelity, and morality. Most of the Domari are very friendly people and undeserving of the negative reputation which has been given to them due to their “mystical” way of life. 

Many Gypsies live a nomadic lifestyle, traveling from region to region wherever they can find a livelihood. They are specialists in multiple occupations and will work in towns where there is a need for their specialty. This is not the case for all Gypsies; some have also adapted to urban life or have established their own communities and villages.

Most of the Domari Gypsies are Muslim, and many of their traditional beliefs have disappeared, such as the belief in ghosts and the power to curse through the “evil eye.” There are some Christian Gypsies, but as it stands, less than .5 percent of the almost 1.7 million Domari Gypsies in Egypt are evangelical.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

Dick Brogden shares in “Bridges, Bullets, and Bridegroom” on the importance of church planting among unreached people groups. He challenges believers to complete the bride of Christ. Brogden states, “I am saying that when, with wisdom, we identify what needs to be done and done repeatedly until victory, that we do it and we do nothing else. We take up the single eye, we trim the fat, and we do one thing well. I am saying we say “no” to many good things for the one supreme thing—making disciples and planting churches where they do not exist.”

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Partnership // Move Beyond

Entrepreneurs: The major problems facing this people group are poor health care, nutrition, housing, and education. Pray for ministries such as HealthCare Ministries and Sustain Hope that share the love of God through compassion and meeting practical needs.
Readers, Writers, and Speakers: There aren’t any Christian resources available in the Domari language, pray for resources to be made available in their language.
Problem Solvers: Because of the nomadic nature of this group, church planting can sometimes seem futile. Pray for creativity in reaching this constantly moving people group.

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Joshua HuverGypsy, Domari in Egypt