Gujarati in Bahrain

The Gujarati are dispersed throughout 27 different nations with about 28,000 Gujarati in Bahrain. The Gujarati people are originally from India and their primary language is Gujarati. Even though the primary language is Gujarati they speak many dialects which were formed based on their geographical region and/or the caste they belong to. The Gujarati follow the caste system and practice arranged marriages only marrying those within the same caste. The Gujarati view marriage as an alliance between two families and not two individuals. Social class is very important in Gujarati communities. The highest class are the priests or Brahmin and the lowest class are the servants and laborers. Gujarati society centers around the principles of “purity and pollution.” In Bahrain, the Gujarati predominantly practice Hinduism and worship many different gods.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

There are not many Christians among the Gujarati. Pray for the few believers that do exist; that they may be emboldened and filled with love to share the gospel with their fellow Gujarati neighbors.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

Pray for a church planting movement among the Gujarati. Visit Eurasia Community to be a part of the efforts to reach the Gujarati.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Entrepreneurs: Gujarati men are skilled businessmen. Many of those who have emigrated out of India are from a wealthy caste and work in commerce. Would you be willing to allow God to use your entrepreneurial insight to reach the Gujarati people with the message of salvation?

 Readers, Writers, and Speakers: A Bible in Gujarati is available but there are very few workers who live among the Gujarati. Pray asking the Holy Spirit if He will send you to live out the Bible among the Gujarati so they can understand the peace found in Jesus.

 Problem Solvers: The Gujarati follow the Caste system very strictly. Those from higher castes usually do not interact with those from lower castes leaving many feeling marginalized and abandoned. How can God use you to bring freedom through Jesus to those oppressed by the caste system?

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Austin JacobsGujarati in Bahrain