Fula Jalon

Fula Jalon of Guinea

The Fula Jalon are a semi-nomadic people. They raise crops and livestock. Huts serve as their homes, and each hut is surrounded by a cattle corral. Each village has a headman who handles community affairs and answers to a paramount chief. Each gender has their own designated role among the Fula Jalon; the men herd cattle while the women milk the cattle and sell or trade milk. Polygyny is widely practiced among the Fula Jalon. The first marriage is usually arranged, men are allowed up to four wives. The Fula Jalon are devout followers of Islam. Each Fula Jalon village has a central court and a mosque. No evangelical churches exist.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

The Fula Jalon are very devout Muslims and there are not any known Evangelical Christian believers in their communities. Pray that this people group would be receptive to the gospel message and that Christians would respond to the Holy Spirit’s call to reach them.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

West Africa Advanced School of Theology (WAAST) serves to educate African church leaders who will disciple and expand the growing church in West Africa. These graduates will also go on to spread the gospel among unreached groups in sub-Saharan Africa. Pray for resources for students, more educated and spirit-filled faculty and staff, and for God’s hand on the building of the campus.

 Partnership // Move Beyond

Entrepreneurs: In Sub-Saharan Africa, 69 percent of people make less than $2.00 per day. Would you pray asking the Spirit whether your vocational skills could be a bridge between the Fula Jalon and Jesus? 

Readers, Writers, and Speakers: Although audio and video gospel resources have existed for years, the New Testament was translated into Pular, the Fula Jalon language, within the last five years. How can you creatively teach and share the message of salvation to the Fula Jalon?

Problem Solvers: AIDS, HIV infection, poverty and malnutrition continue to be a prevalent problem in much of Sub-Saharan Africa. Compassion ministries are needed to minister to those affected.

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