Reaching the unreached with the gospel and planting the church where Jesus has not been named requires an openness to be led by the Spirit. When efforts to reach the unreached are bathed in prayer, Spirit-inspired planning becomes the next step.

What follows is for those with business backgrounds and entrepreneurial minds.

Churches being planted among the unreached should be self-propagating, self-governing, and self-supporting. Among people groups where resources are scarce, efforts to plant the church must be geared toward sustainability and self-sufficiency. If God has called you to use your gifts to join in the task of reaching the unreached, consider the following insight from AGWM Eurasia Regional Director Omar Beiler:

“Church planting teams need people with a variety of skills. One person may have a business background; another has an organizational background; still another has a pastoral or evangelism background. The team approach in church planting provides ministry opportunities for people from all walks of life who are called by God and have a passion for the lost.

“An advantage to the team approach is being able to draw from the specific talents and abilities of each team member. Access is a critical issue in today’s world. Since missionaries often cannot gain entry in a country, teams are formed to open legitimate businesses that are profitable, sustainable and model Christian principles.”

Providing a sustainable witness of Christ requires not only a vigorous church planting movement, but also a creative framework for financial self-sufficiency in locations where resources are scarce. Are you up to the challenge?

Austin JacobsEntrepreneurs