Druze in Jordan

Once a part of the Ismaili sect of Shia Islam, the Druze separated with Caliph al-Hakim of Egypt, whom they believed was God incarnate. Shortly after, they formed their unique religious beliefs. They share similarities in belief with Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, such as belief in an almighty God. However, their view of God is impersonal, and it is not till heaven that they are united with God.

Their ethnicity is interconnected with their faith. They believe the original Druze are constantly reincarnated within their community. Therefore, no one can be a Druze by choice. Their religion is exclusive, and in order to protect their faith and safety, they will even blend in with surrounding faiths.

Approximately 21,000 Druze live in the country of Jordan, but they also live in the surrounding nations of Syria, Lebanon, and Israel. They prefer an isolated tight-knit village community and live on mountains or hills as farmers, but they also work in the cities, get education, and involve themselves in culture.

Partnership // Move Beyond

They Druze remain largely unreached and prayer is essential to reaching them.

• Pray that the Druze will know the true God, who is not impersonal but desires to have a relationship with them.

• Pray for the minds and hearts of the Druze to be open to the truth.

• Pray that Christians in Jordan will begin to reach out and minister in the Druze villages.

• Pray for encouragement for those God is calling to minister to the Druze.

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Joshua HuverDruze in Jordan