The Balkar in Russia are predominantly shepherds by trade, living near the Caucasus Mountains in Southern Russia. The wealth of a man is measured by the size of his flock among the Balkar, and the goal of every man is to expand the borders of his property to facilitate growing herds of livestock. Some of the Balkar have begun to move to the city and earned an education and jobs there.*

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Engagement — What’s Happening Now

There are about 105 thousand Balkar in Russia, with very little Christian presence among them. There is only about 0.05% representation of Evangelical Christianity among the Balkar.* The need is great for the Gospel to spread among the Balkar in Russia.

Sustainability — The Bigger Story

Even though there is very little Christian presence among the Balkar, there are still believers there, and they need prayer for guidance and boldness as they share their faith with their neighbors and friends.

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Partnership — Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

– The Lord to move on the hearts of willing servants to spread the Gospel among the Balkar.

– The Holy Spirit to empower and encourage the believers in Russia to continue to share the Gospel with those around them.

– A strong national church to be developed in Russia.

– The government leaders to be open to the spread of the church in Russia.

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* = Joshua Project, 2015.

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