Arabs in Europe

Arabs in Europe number about 4.2 million. Overall, Europe has a strong Christian presence, but the number of Christian Arabs is smaller than the country average. Many Arabs live in cities and towns and find greater opportunity for education and employment in Europe. Arabs in Europe try to maintain many of their traditions and preserve their culture. The majority of Arabs in Europe are Muslim and they are tied together by their faith and their language.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

The Arab community is rooted in tradition, and this tradition influences many areas of their lives. Much of this tradition is based out of Islam, for the vast majority of the Arab world are Islamic. As a result of this, accepting Christianity can change the entire lives of the Arabs, and can often result in persecution from their family, friends, and government. Arab Christians certainly have to count the cost of choosing to follow Christ, which can be a challenge for witnessing. Europe has less of this kind of pressure than many regions, though there can still be pressure from the families against those who accept Christ.

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Sustainability // The Bigger Story

Christian presence is stronger in Europe than in most Arab countries. Pray for the national churches in Europe to be burdened to reach out to Arabs arriving in their countries.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Entrepreneurs: Consider partnering with AGWM to reach the unreached Arabs through creative ministry outreach.

Readers, Writers, Speakers:  Many Arabs migrating into Europe have difficulty communicating. There are many opportunities for creative ministries to help Arabs communicate and thrive while living in Europe.

Problem Solvers: Due to different extremist and terrorist attacks Arabs are often seen as outsiders and some Europeans may be fearful of them. Pray asking the Holy Spirit to give you a creative solution to build community between Arabs and Christian Europeans so that a fruitful friendship is developed where the Gospel can be shared.


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