Arab, Saudi – Najdi of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia constitutes most of the Arabian Peninsula, and it is the homeland of the Arab people and Islam. Saudi Arabia is called, “The Land of The Two Holy Mosques,” because the two holiest places in Islam, Mecca and Medina, are there. Saudi Arabians are strictly Muslim and non-Islamic practices are prohibited. Najdi is one of the various languages spoken by Saudi Arabs, and it is one of the most widely spoken languages with over 15 million speakers. Saudi Arabs are also known for their strict principle of modesty called hijab. 

Readers, Writers, and Speakers

There are 15 million Najdi speakers yet there is no translation of the Bible in Najdi nor a JESUS film. Pray that a translation will be written, and that the Bible and other resources will help further the gospel in Saudi Arabia.

Problem Solver

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us” (1 John 5:14).

Pray is necessary for the advancement of the gospel. Eurasia community asks believers to join them in prayer for the nations. Prayer4Nations is a prayer initiative started to engage believers in selfless intercession for the lost in Eurasia. The Pray4SaudiArabia page provides info on culture, history, religion, and church planting efforts. Join the effort in praying for UPGs in Saudi Arabia.

Partnership // Move Beyond
  • Pray the doors will open for the gospel to be preached in Saudi Arabia.
  • Pray God would reveal himself to Saudi Arabs in visions and dreams.
  • Pray they would hunger to know God’s heart and find his love in Christ.

To get involved, see the Eurasia Pipeline. Interested in more opportunities? See the Wide Open website.

Joshua HuverArab, Saudi – Najdi of Saudi Arabia