Arab, North Iraqi in Syria

Arab culture consists of thousands of years of history. Traditionally a nomadic Bedouin people, many live in cities and urban areas. All Arabs speak Arabic, share Arabic heritage, and largely profess Islam. Mohammed began teaching the tenets of Islam in the seventh century. As Arabs spread across the Middle East and North Africa, Arab Culture and Islam spread as well. Nearly all North Iraqi Arabs practice Islam.

Readers, Writers, and Speakers

Faces of Eurasia is promoting the Sharif Bible which is an Arabic Bible written for modern Arab people. They write, “Hundreds of Muslims are converting to Christ. Part of the fire that is fueling this revival is the Word of God in the form that every Arabic-speaking Muslim can understand – the Sharif Bible.

Problem Solvers

Prayer is of utmost necessity to reach North Iraqi Arabs. Eurasia Community has a specific prayer community for each country in Eurasia. Pray4Syria unites believers to pray for those living in Syria. The page also provides prayer requests, resources, and tools to continue in prayer.

Partnership // Move Beyond
  • Pray for North Iraqi Arabs, that the Holy Spirit will open their hearts to the gospel.
  • Pray for spiritual freedom as they accept Christ.
  • Pray for North Iraqi Arab Christians, that God will bring strong believers into their lives to disciple them and come beside them.

To get involved, see the Eurasia Pipeline. Interested in more opportunities? See the Wide Open website.

Joshua HuverArab, North Iraqi in Syria