Arab, Egyptian in Yemen

The Egyptian people have an ancient and rich history. They were one of the greatest civilizations until it’s fall in 341 B.C. In A.D. 640 Egypt came under the Arabs who introduced Islam and Arabic language. Egypt is one of the fastest growing countries in the Arab world, and because of the issues associated with overpopulation, some Egyptian Arabs are leaving to other places such as Yemen. Most Egyptian Arabs are Sunni Muslims.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

Global Initiative conducted exposure trips in the summer for college students. Six Southwestern Assemblies of God students spent time in Cairo praying, visiting Live dead Arab World workers, and crafting a vision for the region. Pray compassion compels students to bring the gospel to Egyptian Arabs in Egypt and in Yemen.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

There are over 60 million Egyptian Arabs across 33 countries. Pray God orchestrates opportunities to share the gospel with Egyptian Arabs in countries where the gospel is easily accessible to reach those in countries where it is not.

Partnership // Move Beyond
  • Pray for Live Dead teams serving in the Arab world, that God will open doors and opportunities to share the gospel to Egyptian Arabs.
  • Pray churches are planted in Yemen.
  • Pray Egyptian Christians, that God will give them boldness and peace as they serve Him.

To get involved, see the Eurasia Pipeline. Interested in more opportunities? See the Wide Open website.

Joshua HuverArab, Egyptian in Yemen