Arab-all in Spain

There are seven Arab people groups in Spain: Maghrebi, Egyptian, Iraqi, Jordanian, Lebanese, Syrian, and Tunisian. The name Arab represents over 250 million people across 22 countries. Arabs are a diverse people from various regions but all share the ability to speak Arabic, affinity for Arab heritage, and devotion to Islam.

They were once mostly nomadic shepherds, now they primarily live in urban areas and have industrialized. Because of job opportunity and living conditions, there are large Arab communities in the Western world. These ‘Diaspora Arabs’ still are united through their Arabic culture and language, but some traditions and formal practices are weakened or less pressured.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

Global Initiative sponsored two teams of university students to spend time in two Muslim areas: Madrid, Spain and North Africa. The students were engaged in ministry at a cultural integration center in Madrid. One student said, “More than anything, the trip to Madrid changed my attitude and heart about Muslims. Not that I disliked them before but I just didn’t know what to with them prior to this. I learned to embrace them, love them, actively engage with them, and build friendships with them. Greatest of all, the trip took away my fear towards Muslims and fear towards the unknown.” Pray that on exposure trips like these God will call students to minister to Muslims.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

According to Pew Research, the population of Muslims in Europe is steadily increasing. In Spain, they record 980,000 Muslims, likewise, Joshua project records 780,600 Arabs in Spain. Arabs make up a large portion of the Muslim population in Spain, pray for outreaches and evangelism towards Arab groups in Spain.

Partnership // Move Beyond
  • Pray churches are planted in Spain to meet the large number of Muslims who need to hear the gospel.
  • Pray God calls workers to bring the gospel to Arabs in Europe.
  • Pray the Holy Spirit draws Arab people to God.

To get involved, see the Europe Pipeline. Interested in more opportunities? See the Wide Open Missions website.

Joshua HuverArab-all in Spain