Tosk in Albania


The Tosks are one of two major people groups found primarily in Albania but also throughout Eastern Europe and Eurasia. There are about 1,569,000 Tosks in Albania but only 0.40% are followers of Jesus. Tosks typically practice Islam and are very familial. Albanian Tosks are known for being very friendly and charismatic and are very influential throughout Albania. Many Tosks live in cities throughout Albania and work in factories; half of the Tosk workforce is comprised of women. Albania is Europe’s most poverty-stricken country leaving many Tosks in Albania feeling hopeless and struggling.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

“We recently hosted a summer healing seminar at the Bible college. After the teaching, two students, Parid and Marinela, laid hands on Marinela’s mother and prayed for the healing of her heart and leg. God answered the prayer. This miraculous work led to the salvation of Marinela’s mother and father.”

– Missionaries Kurt and Stephanie Plagenhoef

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Sustainability // The Bigger Story

The national church in Albania has begun to train their Bible College students to plant churches and train leaders. This initiative will help in reaching many of the Tosk people.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Please spend a few minutes in prayer for:

  • Long-term global workers who can assist in planting churches throughout many of the unreached areas in Albania.
  • Young Albanian Tosks, due to poverty and high crime-rates many youths are lured into extremist religious ideology. Pray that these youths may find hope and identity in Jesus.
  • Women comprise half of the workforce amongst the Tosks; pray for Tosk Albanian women to find rest and peace in Jesus.

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