Adyghe in Egypt

Photo Source: Joshua Project

The Adyghe in Egypt are a small people group numbering about 13,000.They are considered one of the most ancient people groups from the Northwest Caucasus. The Adyghe abide by their own set of values which are respect, hospitality, and reverence for elders. The system of laws which they follow is called the “khabzeh”. An example of one of their “laws” is in regard to hospitality; a host is expected to give their own life for their guests. The Adyghe tell many of their stories through dance. Their dances describe their everyday life such as courtship, war and family life. The Adyghe find their identity in their homeland. They were displaced by war and political instability. An Adyghe saying states: Caucasus is my homeland I will never forget, I’d rather lose my eyes that forget you.” The Adyghe predominantly practice Islam even though many are thought to have been Christianized in the 6th century.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now

Currently, among the Adyghe in Egypt, there are no known Christians. In the past couple of decades, the Adyghe have begun to desire a connection to their roots. Many were thought to originally be Christians before they were dispersed from their homeland.

Pray for Jesus to be revealed to many Adyghe through dreams and visions.

Sustainability // The Bigger Story

Live Dead exists to plant churches among the unreached peoples of the Arab World. Pray for cross-cultural workers and Egyptian Christians to forge relationships and share the gospel with the Adyghe. Visit Live Dead to join in the efforts to reach the Adyghe.

Partnership // Move Beyond

Entrepreneurs: How is the Holy Spirit leading you to use your vocational skills to reach the Adyghe?

Readers, Writers, and Speakers: A complete Bible does not exist in Adyghe. There is a great need for biblical translators and linguists who can provide the Adyghe with a complete Bible.

Problem Solvers: The Adyghe have seen much political instability and many Adyghe communities are facing losing their language and culture. How can you assist in helping the Adyghe find stability in Jesus?

Interested in more opportunities? Visit the Wide Open website.

Austin JacobsAdyghe in Egypt