In his book Apostolic Function in 21st Century Missions, AG missionary Alan Johnson calls attention to the question of how success in ministry to an unreached people group is defined. He wrote:

“Normally missions and cross-cultural workers do not think in terms of developing an exit strategy, in part because the development of a truly viable church movement is no simple thing” (page 177).

The definition of success in reaching an unreached people group is tied to a definition of a “viable church movement.”

So what constitutes a “viable church movement”? Planting a single church among a people group? Planting a cluster of churches among a people group? Developing a denominational presence?

When we use the phrase “viable church movement,” we mean that a people group has sufficient resources to evangelize their own people without any outside help.

God’s plan hasn’t changed: the local church is the hope of the world.

We’re tasked with making sure communities in all locations have access to a local church and to Christ, who is capable of transforming these communities.


Austin JacobsAdvocate