Abu Sharib of Chad

The Abu Sharib people live in eastern Chad along the Sudan border. They are a subgroup of the Tama, a people representing six distinct language groups, who live in Sudan and Chad.

The Abu Sharib converted to Islam centuries ago and are very devoted followers of their religion. Many of them also mix witchcraft and the worship of spirits into their daily lives.

Engagement — What’s Happening Now

Only a handful of Abu Sharib have heard about Christ, and no known believers or church planting movements exist among them. In addition, the Bible has not yet been translated into their language. As a result, they are completely isolated from the gospel.

Partnership — Move Beyond

­— Pray that God would call workers to go and minister among the Abu Sharib.

­— Pray that the Holy Spirit would prepare the hearts of this people group to receive the gospel.

Entrepreneurs: Consider partnering with AGWM to begin a work among the Abu Sharib, who desperately need to hear the name of Jesus proclaimed in their context.

Readers, Writers, Speakers: Government-sponsored education is lacking in the area where the Abu Sharib live, and only very privileged wealthy families are able to send their children to private schools. Most of the children attend local Islamic schools where they get a very basic education. Because of the educational challenges, many Abu Sharib are illiterate.

Problem Solvers: The Abu Sharib lack access to the gospel and are considered an unengaged unreached people group (UUPG). Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you about partnering with AGWM to reach this unreached frontier.

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