Bengali-speaking Muslims in India


The Bengali Speaking Muslims of India are an ethnically and culturally diverse people. Bengali is the second most widely spoken language in this region. There are over 100 different ethnic groups and many different castes. The majority of Bengali speaking Muslims live in West Bengal. There are many cultural differences but they are united by the same language. Bengali speaking Muslims are very proud of their culture. Many Bengali speakers are farmers or own small-scale fisheries. A huge financial gap exists between wealthy and poor Bengali speaking Muslims. The regions where most of the Bengali speaking Muslims live are usually plagued with massive oppression, disease, and poverty. The majority of Bengali speaking people are very devout followers of Islam.

Engagement // What’s Happening Now


Christian global workers have lived among Bengali speaking Muslims for many years; progress has been very slow and there are very few believers among the Bengali speaking Muslims. Currently, the number of believers is unknown.

Pray for Christian workers to be strengthened and encouraged and for Bengali speaking believers to feel emboldened tbythe Holy Spirit to share the Gospel.

 Sustainability // The Bigger Story

The India Assemblies of God has set a goal of planting 25,000 churches by the year 2020. The general superintendent of the Assemblies of God states:

“All over India, the power of God is really moving,” Mohan said. “God is doing a great work, and we are seeing a move of God and revival in this nation. Let us all join together, work together, to train more workers. We must put our hearts together to reach this nation for the glory of God.”

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Partnership // Move Beyond

Entrepreneurs: Calcutta has one of the highest concentrations of Bengali speaking Muslims and also one of the highest poverty rates. Disease, oppression, and slums are a norm in everyday life. How can your vocational skills find solutions for these problems while also building bridges for Bengali speaking Muslims to know Christ?

 Readers, Writers, and Speakers: Teachers who can live out their faith in every day situations and creatively teach the Bible are needed.

 Problem Solvers: Sex trafficking is a huge problem across India, specifically in West Bengal. How can God use you to bring light into the darkest of places?

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Austin JacobsBengali-speaking Muslims in India